Partner Form

Thank you for your generous partnership! Please initial all boxes indicating that you understand all the requirements and include necessary documents by the due dates. Fill this form out and mail it to:

Shine On Women’s Conference P.O. Box 1014 Destin, Florida 32540 or fax to 850.269.0117.

Make checks payable to: Shine On Women’s Conference. For credit card payments call our ministry office at 850.366.3550.

Date_________________________________ Partner/Vendor Level_____________________________

Name________________________________ Business or Ministry Name__________________________

Address______________________________ Phone:__________________________________________

City__________________________________ State___________Zip_____________________________

Email:________________________________ Additional Contact Person__________________________

Name to be used on all printed Shine On Women’s Conference advertising materials.


Web Site Address____________________________________________________________________

Please initial each box to indicate your acceptance:

___ 1.)  Attach a PDF with your company or ministry logo when you submit this form to [email protected]   

___ 2.)  Shine On Women’s Conference will provide one 5 ft. skirted table per partner.

___ 3.)  Attach picture, brochure and written detail of merchandise or product that will be displayed on your table at the Shine On Women’s Conference on February 16-18, 2017 before February 1, 2017.

___ 4.)  Advise if you need electricity. You will be responsible for all facility charges for power, extension cords, power strips, and lighting if necessary. Order is due by February 1, 2017.

___ 5.)  Send flyer or business card for guest bags (printed & delivered) by February 1, 2017.

___ 6.) Bring your own money change as this service will not be provided.

___ 7.) Partners will receive table area on a first come first served basis.

___ 8.) Indicate any special requests you may have. (Not all special requests may be approved).

___ 9.) All tables must be kept in an orderly fashion. All areas must be kept clean at all times.

___ 10.) Be advised that Shine On Women’s Conference will not be responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise. 

___ 11.)  Please bring a table cloth to drape over your table top when the Conference is closed.

___ 12.) Table set up time will begin on Thursday, February 16, 2017 from 10PM-3PM. Take down time is Saturday at 3:30 pm or 30 minutes after the last session.